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Thursday, 13 July 2017 20:14

Knurling Calculator

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Knurling Calculator Module


Pitch (knurls per inch or mm)

Pitch length (distance between knurls on the wheel)

Stock Diameter (inch or mm)
Turn stock to diameter (inch or mm)
Pitch Angle

The angle one pitch length represents on the stock

Circumfence Pitch Length

Circumferential pitch length on the stock

Number of marks (uncompensated)

Number of knurling marks if NOT considering the stock diameter

Number of marks (compensated)

Number of knurling marks WHEN considering the stock diameter

Illustrations for the calculations:


PL = Distance between knurls on knurling wheel
P = Pitch, number of knurls per mm or inch = 1 / P
CL = Circumfence pitch length, distance between knurls as they impress on the stock. This is a longer distance than PL, especially if the stock diameter is smalled compare to the Pitch
D = Diameter of the stock to be knurled
A = Angle on the stock between knurls as the impress on the stock